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This is the next article in the series about our "Flower Machine".

Back in the first post about the flower machine, we talked about what it is doing. It is time to introduce how it actually works. There are already some posts about very specific topics like pneumatics or the logic controller. Before writing more posts like these, I think it is a good idea to look at the bigger picture.

Image of flower machine CAD model

This is the next article in the series about our "Flower Machine".

Pneumatics means using compressed air to perform mechanical work. Our Flower Machine actually works using pneumatics only! But why would you choose pneumatics? And what components are needed? In this blog post, we will give an overview of pneumatics and their relationship with automating manufacturing.

Image of some pneumatics

Hey, I am back! Well, we are back. That's because this post is written not only by me but also by my lovely girlfriend Lena.

We've been busy with a shared project over the last months. It started back in December when we both really wanted to dive into the topic of pneumatics. We searched for a small project we could build. Well, in the end we didn't manage to keep it small. In this and following blog posts, we will present where this lead us...

Image of flower machine