Rahix's Blog
2018-10-10 9 min read

This is a blog post accompanying the release of shared-bus. shared-bus is a small crate to allow sharing a bus between multiple devices. The current implementation is limited to i2c but extension to other bus protocols is easily possible.



Original Issue

First Post
2018-09-03 2 min read

Hello there! This is my blog. This post serves the purpose to demonstrate the markdown/markup abilities:


There is support for emph, bold and monospace.


This is a note.

Procedural Road Networks
2016-07-10 2 min read

The following post is a short description of an algorithm to generate a semirealistic city road network:

SVG Paths
2015-07-16 4 min read

In modern HTML you can embed SVGs directly into your DOM. This allows for pretty visuals, using the powers of both css and svg. One use that I have had on multiple occasions is path animations.