Applying Road Generation

In my last post, I showed how one can generate city road networks. This time I will use a similar approach to generate a network of »

Generating City Road Networks

When generating procedural maps, one might ask oneself, how to create realistic road networks. The easiest aproach would be to make random dots inside the city »

Asteroid Generation

Of course these asteroids are nowhere real, but it fits the theme. The asteroids are generated in a very simple way: First a bunch of random »

Bevel Boxes for Structure-Synth

As anyone, who follows this blog knows, I am making loads of space PCG stuff. And I thought, why not try out some things with structure-synth. »

A tool for procedural generation

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to write the rules in text, and see almost immediately the effect? Well, exactly that is possible with Structure »

Isometric Template

I recently created this, and I thought I want to share it. This is a very basic template for creating isometric tiles for games in blender. »

Blue Noise

Blue Noise is a type of noise. Pretty obvious. But why do we care about it? Let's first look at the use of noise in procedural »